We provide General Gymnastics/Gymnastics for All classes- these classes introduce members to the foundation skills required for several gymnastics disciplines including Artistic, Tumbling and Acrobatic gymnastics.

General Gymnastics

General Gymnastics

General Gymnastics provides its participants with a foundation in the basic skills of the sport. General Gymnastics includes floor, beam, vault and bar skills.  Members are also introduced to Tumbling and Acrobatics skills.

General Gymnastics focuses on developing a child’s Physical Literacy. This involves developing a child’s Fundamentals of Movement (FOM), Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and Fundamental Games Skills (FGS). These are the building blocks which allow children to become more confident and competent movers. The development of these skills at an early age is essential to a child’s future development.

Many of our members progress to discipline specific gymnastics clubs and have competed at both National and International level but many more have also gone on to excel in other sports including; GAA, Rugby and Athletics.

General Gymnastics provides a fantastic foundation for all sports/ physical activities.

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