Terms & Conditions

It is a mandatory requirement for all parents/guardians to agree to the Invictus Gymnastics Terms and Conditions before membership can be confirmed. By agreeing to the terms, all parents/guardians acknowledge they have read, understood and agree to the following:

Club Rules, Class Rules, Covid 19 Health and Safety Procedures and Club Refund Policy.

Invictus Gymnastics reserves the right to refuse membership or discontinue the membership of any member; if a parent/guardian or member is deemed to be in violation of our Club Terms and Conditions.



Club Rules

  • The minimum age requirement is 5 years old. We do not hold waiting lists for children born after 2017.


  • All parents/guardians are required to confirm their wish to keep their child’s place prior to the start of each new term (September, January and April).


  • Fees are paid in full before each term commences. For 2021-2022 only, insurance is paid in two instalments (August and January).


  • Places cannot be held for gymnasts who fail to attend/or pay fees. Please inform us via email at immediately should your child no longer wish to attend classes. (info@invictusgymnastics.ie)


  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that you keep up to date with term dates, membership renewal dates, and deadlines for all other events. Once deadlines are missed, they are missed and under no circumstances will they be extended.


  • All club communication is via email. The club phone is for emergencies only and is turned off outside of club opening hours.


  • It is a requirement for all parents/guardians to inform and disclose any medical information (i.e., allergies, conditions, medication) which may impact their child’s health, welfare or behaviour while participating in our activities (for example – epilepsy, asthma, special dietary requirements etc). Members requiring medication e.g., Asthma inhalers, must bring their medication to every class.


  • Gymnasts showing any medical illness should be kept home from classes. Any child with a severe cough or cold symptoms will not be allowed to attend their class, parents will be contacted, and the child sent home.


  • All classes operate by invitation through our mailing list on a chronological order, first come, first serve basis. If you wish for a sibling to join our classes you must fill out the contact form on our website. No priority is given to previous members or siblings of current members.


  • Invictus Gymnastics cannot be held responsible for members waiting outside the building, outside of their own designated class time. It is therefore imperative that parents and/guardians walk their children from the car to the main entrance and wait until the gymnasts are invited inside the building by a member of the coaching team.


  • Photography policy – we do not take photos or videos of any club members to share on our website or social media. No photography and videoing of members will be permitted without prior consent from parents and participants. Our social media platforms are used solely to remind parents/guardians of club updates and to advertise availability.


  • In the event of First Aid treatment being required, our first aid responder will provide basic first aid treatment onsite immediately. If more advanced treatment is required, it is our policy to contact parents or next of kin before calling professional medical assistance or/and an ambulance. If we are not able to contact a parent/next of kin within a short period of time, we will call for professional medical assistance or/and ambulance immediately, based on our judgement. All coaches are qualified First Aid Responders including CPR and Defibrillation.



Class Rules

  • All members are expected to show respect and courtesy towards their coaches and fellow gymnasts. Unacceptable behaviour will result in parents being contacted and further discussion of the issue.

All members are expected to:

  1. Respect and comply with all Class Rules and Covid-19 Safety Procedures.
  2. Demonstrate honesty, caring, respect and inclusion for other gymnasts and
  3. Respect differences in others, their ideas and opinions
  4. Show proper care for club property and the property of others
  5. Take appropriate measures to help those in need and if necessary, seek assistance and resolve a conflict peacefully.


  • Members should not arrive more than 5 minutes before their designated class time. Access to the building will not be granted before this time. If there is no coach outside, the building is still closed.


  • Members must be walked by an adult to the building. From September 2020, all members will require a temperature check before access to the building will be granted. Any members with an orange/red result will not be granted access. Parents are not allowed to enter the building.


  • All classes are drop and go. All children must be able to enter the building independently. They will be assisted by a coach if help is required.


  • All classes are 50 minutes. This is to allow for a staggered cross over between classes.


  • Members should arrive ready for class and in the correct attire. This is as follows:
  1. hair tied back neatly – members will not be permitted entry unless hair is tied up.
  2. no jewellery – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches etc must be removed.
  3. t-shirt, leggings, shorts and grip socks – no jeans, dresses, skirt or tights.
  4. all teddys, dolls etc must be left at home.
  • IG holds no responsibility for any items lost that should not have been worn/brought to class.


  • Children will be asked to take their socks off for safety reasons on certain skills and apparatus. Please let us know if your child’s foot needs to remain wrapped up due to infection.


  • Whilst it is not compulsory for recreational gymnasts training for short periods of time, we highly recommend your child brings a drink as most will ask for one and we do not have the facility to provide water.


  • Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are labelled clearly and permanently. All items left behind will be moved to the ‘Lost and Found’. Items not collected within 2 weeks will be donated to charity.


  • In the interest of safety, members are strictly prohibited from using equipment within Invictus Gymnastics other than during their designated class time.


  • If access to the toilets at the facility are required by another family member, please ensure a designated member of staff is present and aware. There must not be any member present in the bathroom.


  • No gymnast will be permitted to leave the building before a parent has arrived for collection. Children finishing a class may wait quietly in the building until a parent has arrived.


  • Older members (aged 12+) may be permitted to leave the building with prior, written consent from a parent. This consent must be sent via email to info@invictusgymnastics.ie.


  • Parents/guardians please avoid being late and collect your children at the end of class time. Parents will be contacted via a phone call if their child is not collected within 15mins of a finished class.


  • Coaches are not available for discussion with parents during class time. Please find time to speak to a coach, if necessary, before/after a class.



Covid 19 Health and Safety Procedures

  • All parents are required to self-screen their child at home before attending their class. Any child displaying symptoms of any illness should not attend their class.


  • Upon arrival, all members will have their temperature checked before entry to the building will be permitted.


  • Members will be required to sanitise their hands at regular intervals. If your child requires a special sanitiser, please make sure this is brought to their class.


  • Masks are not a requirement for children but they may be worn. Coaches wear PPE at all times.


  • In the event of local outbreaks, parents must follow the guidance issued to them by the HSE. If a parent has been advised to restrict their child’s movements, they will not be permitted to attend their class.


  • The club Covid Contingency Plan for 2021/22 is available to view on the club website.


  • Any members returning from international travel must follow the most recent government guidelines.



Refund Policy

  • Fees are pre-paid and cover membership to the club; not attendance at classes. Absence from classes due to holidays/illness/family occasions/ missed emails etc are at the discretion of parents and the club does not issue refunds/credits towards any classes for the above.


  • Insurance is non-refundable.


  • The club only issues refunds/credits towards future classes for the following:


    1. A cancellation of classes due to a Nationwide/Munster ONLY, RED weather warning.
    2. A cancellation of classes due to a Covid-19 outbreak within the club setting.
    3. A cancellation of classes due to unforeseen circumstances.
    4. If your child does not wish to continue within the first 2 weeks of a term, the remaining classes will be refunded. Refunds will not be issued after 2 weeks.


  • In addition to our standard Terms and Conditions; from June 2021. In the event of any future government directed closures due to Covid-19:
    1. All memberships will pause until the club is permitted to reopen.
    2. Once permitted to reopen, all classes will continue as per the original timetable, in accordance with the most recent guidelines.
    3. Any members who do not wish to return will receive a refund for the outstanding classes. However; their accounts will be closed and their places offered to the next person on the waiting list.

** The club cannot issue refunds AND hold memberships indefinitely. This is not a financially viable option. **

  1. If a non-returning member (due to Covid) wants to keep their place until such a time they wish to return to class, outstanding balances for pre-paid classes will not be carried forward/ refunded. Fees must also be paid for future classes; whether they are attended or not.


The addition to our standard Terms and Conditions is necessary in order to continue operating throughout the current situation and ensure the club eventually returns to a viable position.